Roman Murawski,
Logos and Mathema. Studies in the Philosophy of Mathematics and History of Logic
Peter Lang Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften, Frankfurt am Main 2011.
337 stron


Part I: Philosophy of Mathematics (in General)

Mathematical Knowledge
On the Power and Weaknesses of the Axiomatic Method
Remarks on the Mathematical Universe
Structuralism and Category Theory in the Contemporary Philosophy of Mathematics (with Izabela Bondecka-Krzykowska)

Part II: Hilbert's Program vs. Incompleteness Phenomenon

Hilbert's Program: Incompleteness Theorems vs. Partial Realizations
On the Distinction Proof-Truth in Mathematics
Reactions to the Discovery of the Incompleteness Phenomenon
Godel's Incompleteness Theorems and Computer Science
The Present State of Mechanized Deduction, and the Present Knowledge of Its Limitations
On Proofs of the Consistency of Arithmetic
Decidability vs. Undecidability. Logico-Philosophico-Historical Remarks
Undefinability of Truth. The Problem of the Priority: Tarski vs. Godel
Troubles With (the Concept of) Truth in Mathematics

Part III: Philosophy of Mathematics in Poland

The Philosophy of Hoene-Wronski
Philosophical Reflection on Mathematics in Poland in the Interwar Period
Philosophy of Mathematics in the Warsaw Mathematical School
Andrzej Mostowski on the Foundations and Philosophy of Mathematics (with Jan Wolenski)

Part IV: Mathematical Logic in Poland
Stanisław Piatkiewicz and the Beginnings of Mathematical Logic in Poland (with Tadeusz Batóg)
Contribution of Polish Logicians to Recursion Theory
Logical Investigations at the University of Poznan in 1945-1955 (with Jerzy Pogonowski)

Editorial Note
Index of Names