Roman Murawski,
Essays in the Philosophy and History of Logic and Mathematics
Editions Rodopi, Amsterdam/Atlanta, GA, 2010.
343 strony


Jan Woleński, Foreword

Part I: Philosophy of Mathematics

1. Cantor's Philosophy of Set Theory
2. Leibniz's and Kant's Philosophical Ideas vs. Hilbert's Program
3. Truth vs. Provability. Philosophical and Historical Remarks
4. Philosophy of Mathematics in the 20th Century. Main Trends
5. On New Trends in the Philosophy of Mathematics
6. Remarks on the Structuralistic Epistemology of Mathematics
    (with Izabela Bondecka-Krzykowska)
7. From the History of the Concept of Number (with Thomas Bedürftig)
8. Church's Thesis and Its Epistemological Status
9. Phenomenology and Philosophy of Mathematics

Part II: History of Logic and Mathematics

10. Hoene-Wroński - Genius or Madman?
11. Grassmann's Contribution to Mathematics
12. Giuseppe Peano and Symbolic Logic
13. E.L. Post and the Development of Logic
14. John von Neumann and Hilbert's School
15. Contribution of Polish Logicians to Decidability Theory
16. Contribution of Polish Logicians to Predicate Calculus
17. The English Algebra of Logic in the 19th Century
18. The Development of Symbolism in Logic and Its Philosophical
      Background (with Thomas Bedürftig)

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